Taylor Long Necklace (68-220)

¥4,600 - ¥4,600

H61mm × W44mm; 22g

Long chain pendants are IN, and we've got them for you! Our slightly chunky cable chain  (24 K gold-plated or .999 sterling silver-plated) pairs perfectly with each of the Nozomi pottery piece. Choose from our Aki framed pendants (30mm diameter, also 24 K gold-plated or .999 sterling silver-plated) or our one-of-a-kind beautiful pendants. We've created some wonderful statement pieces for this style -- choose from one of our organic or symmetrical styles. We love that the attached spring ring on the end allows for the long 33" chain length to be adjusted to your favorite length. (Photo right shows the 33" full length; photo left shows a shorter version). 

H61mm × W44mm; 22g

ネックレス名の由来 テイラーさんのストーリー



  • Nozomiの商品は全て手作りの1点ものです。商品写真の画像調整をしておりますが、モニター環境により実際と異なって見える場合もございます。予めご了承ください。