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We have combined our main silver and gold necklace options all into one collection! Enjoy looking through these pages to find your favorite pendants. Did you know that each piece that we sell has been crafted through the work of at least eight different Nozomi team members? Wear these and know that each piece - and you! - are one in a million!

Here are our silver and gold necklace options.  You can click each line to see the options:

Mei Bar Necklace 5,000 - 6,600円

Mei Lariat Necklace 5,000 - 6,600円

Aki Ornate Necklace 6,900円

Natsuko Silver Collar Necklace 6,400円 - 15,400円

Rumi Necklace 3,300円

Haruna Necklace 5,000円

Kumiko Necklace 5,500円

Shopping hint:  If you are looking for a particular style our color, you can use the tag function that is near the top of each product page (a scroll down menu). 


 5,000 - 6,600円

Meiラリエットネックレス 5,000 - 6,600円

Akiネックレス 6,900円

Natsukoシルバーチョーカー 6,400円 - 15,400円

Rumiネックレス 3,300円

Harunaネックレス 5,000円

Kumikoネックレス 5,500円