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Nozomi Partners (Host a Nozomi Party!)

The Nozomi Project is looking for Nozomi partners who will assist us with sales in your local area and raise awareness and prayer support. You can host a Nozomi Party, sell to your friends, co-workers, at a family reunion, at church gatherings, bazaars, etc.  For more information and details about becoming a Nozomi Partner, click here.





We really appreciate your support of Nozomi Project!  We can receive donations worldwide using credit card or Paypal;  donations made within the US are tax-deductible.  All donations go to the Nozomi Project and the continuation of the project.   If you would like to support us financially, you can do so in our Additional Donations section here: Additional Donations





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Our best advertisers are friends of Nozomi - like you -- who share about us with your friends.  

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