As an organization, we believe in modeling generosity. This is a portion of our Nozomi Project guiding principles:  

All of the profits that are made through Nozomi will go to support the Nozomi women staff, local people and projects of Tohoku and/or reinvested back into the organization. We also give some of our profits to organizations and/or individuals who are making a difference in bringing about hope and transformation to their communities. The Be One North American staff will not receive any money from the profits of the Nozomi Project.

Over the past three years, some of the organizations we have contributed to include:

Local/Tohoku Projects:

  • Megumi Project (our sister organization)
  • Liberty Music Project
  • the Rock (a sports center in Ishinomaki being administered by Be One)
  • Fukushima Hope Project (camp in Fukushima for children affected by nuclear disaster)
  • CRASH/Japan
  • SumiShou Mama San’s (a local group of moms who visited elementary schools and produced plays, read stories, etc. to help local children dealing with trauma).

National & Overseas Projects:

  • Zoe International:  organization based in Thailand that rescues children and orphans from human trafficking, 
  • Starfish Project:  a social enterprise in China in which women rescued from human trafficking are making jewelry. 
  • Partners in Hope/Malawi: (a hospital working with AIDS patients)
  • H2H Philippines (organization helping with reconstruction after typhoon)
  • ELWA Hospital (Liberia, Africa, helping with Ebola patients and other needs)
  • Nepal Family Rebuilding Packages/Asian Access 
  • Nakajima Hospice (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Juntendo Cancer Clinics (Tokyo, Japan) 




恵プロジェクト(女川町 着物のリメイク小物)

・ザ・ロック (石巻市:こどもの遊び場/スポーツセンター)

CRASH Japan (復興支援活動)

・すみしょうママさんず (住吉小学校のママたちによる絵本の読み聞かせや音楽を通してここどもたちの心のケアを行っている。)




  「 福島第一原発事故による放射能汚染により、健康被害の危険にさらされている福島県下の子どもたちと家族の心と体の健康を守り、魂をケアし、将来への希望を与えるため、福島県キリスト教連絡会のもとに「福島県キリスト教子ども保養プロジェクト」(通称「ふくしまHOPEプロジェクト」)を設立しました。」



Zoe International:  (タイ)子どもの人身取引被害サポート

Starfish Project: (中国)アクセサリーの製作販売により人身売買被害者の自立とサポート

Partners in Hope/Malawi: (AIDS患者の支援)

・H2H Philippines (フィリピン)台風復興支援

ELWA Hospital (リベリア)エボラ出血熱患者の治療とサポート

Nepal Family Rebuilding Packages/Asian Access (ネパール復興支援)

医療法人社団ホスピティウム聖十字会 中島医院 (東京都)

順天堂がん治療センター (東京都)