Coco Ring (52-289)

¥3,500 - ¥3,500

H22mm × W22mm; 9.5g

Our latest adjustable Coco ring demonstrates the amazing workmanship of our grinding staff!  Your one-of-a kind ornate ring will bring compliments for years to come, and be a beautiful daily reminder of hope on your hand.  Our ring options are sterling silver plate, antique gold, and antique silver. (Inner dimensions 13 x 3mm; brass shank and pewter bezel).Our unforgettable ring is as exquisite as its namesake!  "Coco" is the daughter of one of our necklace makers, who is thrilled that this most popular new accessory is named after her.

H22mm × W22mm; 9.5g


材質:陶器、Sterling Silver Plate/ 24KGold plate(リング・台座部分)


ラウンド 直径20mm  リング幅 約5mm/約10mm *リングバンドの幅が5mmの商品と10mmの商品があります。商品写真でご確認ください。フリーサイズ(adjustable)

スクエア 20mm x 20mm  リング幅約5mm フリーサイズ(adjustable)