Cufflinks (2-442)

¥3,300 - ¥3,100

H15mm × W15mm; 9g

Make a statement that suits you with cufflinks that are one-of-a kind, unique in all the world. Shards of pottery have been paired to form these gold or silver sophisticated and unique cufflinks. Choose from our new, framed shards made from 24 K gold-plated or .999 sterling silver finish (antiqued silver or sterling silver plated), or our handcrafted designs. Our seven grinding staff take special pride in making sure that each cufflink is beautifully prepared.

H15mm × W15mm; 9g


材質 陶器、 SterlingSilver Finish 、24K Gold Finish
カラー ゴールド、シルバー、アンティークシルバー